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Lunch of the Week: Mori Sushi

Lunch of the Week, featuring fresh and affordable sushi sets in Central for just $98. This week: Mori Sushi.

mori sushi hidden sushi central restaurant hong kong

Finding a decently affordable lunchtime sushi joint is often a battle between two types of restaurants. On the one hand, you have kaiten places like Sen-ryo (67%) and Itacho (68%), with their constant queues, low prices and debatably ‘fresh’ fish. On the other, such upscale banker-friendly restaurants as Sushi Sase (82%) or Kenjo (81%), where booking is essential, the food is straight from Japan and the prices steep because of it.

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Lunch of the Week: Ammo

Lunch of the Week, featuring modern takes on classic Italian home-style dishes, all for less than $250. This week: Ammo.

ammo asia society hidden italian restaurant hong kong

Last week, we told you about Hong Kong’s hidden trattorias – authentic mom-and-pop spots that offer a true flavour of Italy. They’re a rarity in our city, and more common are restaurant-group Italian restaurants, where 'pasta’ dishes often resemble noodles with cream.

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Lunch of the Week: The Blue Goose

Lunch of the Week, featuring classic pub grub in a nostalgic setting for less than HK$100. This week: The Blue Goose.

best british pub hong kong blue goose

The classic British pub was once a staple of our former colony: teak wooden interiors, leather furnished seats and warm draft ales. Most of that died out during the handover, and while vestiges can still be found in such Retro Fare contenders as The Chinnery (76%) and Jimmy’s Kitchen (68%), neither are affordable enough to truly replicate the quick-and-cheap pub lunch.

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Lunch of the Week: Quemo

Lunch of the Week, featuring two tapas and a main for less than HK$200. This week: Quemo.

quemo hk best spanish joint

Remember that tapas trend that everyone was harping about a couple years back? It never died really, it just evolved into places like 22 Ships (74%), and most of its earliest vestiges are still scattered around town. One of the best still standing is Quemo (74%), a modern Catalan restaurant located at Wan Chai's QRE Plaza. 

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Lunch of the Week: Amuse Bouche

Lunch of the Week, featuring three classic French courses for less than HK$300. This week: Amuse Bouche.

french dining high-end hong kong amuse bouche

Fine dining isn't hard to find amidst Hong Kong's myriad of restaurants, but for those hoping to experience high-end cuisine, prices can often be limiting – even at lunchtime, when a two-course meal will set you back at least $600 at such famed venues as Amber (86%) and Caprice (86%).

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