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Retro Fare: Maxim's Palace

Retro Fare, featuring a thoroughly traditional dim sum experience at Maxim's Palace City Hall, writes Marisa Cannon.

maxim's palace hong kong best dim sum restaurant

Dim sum is arguably Hong Kong’s biggest culinary institution: local families flock faithfully to their locals for Sunday lunch, while fresh-off-the-boat tourists are eager to flap to their nearest distributor. These days however, the art is dying out: many restaurants hope to fill as many turnarounds before lunchtime, and few if any cater to the leisurely breakfasts of lore.

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Retro Fare: Tai Ping Koon

Retro Fare, featuring Tai Ping Koon, a 150-plus-year old restaurant that has found success through a lack of change. 

In Hong Kong, the idea of a truly retro restaurant – one that’s changed little in the past few decades – is almost impossible find. The city is forever moving forward, and even places like Jimmy’s Kitchen (68%) and Louis’ Steak House (75%) (both previous Retro Fare contenders) have had to undergo updates to keep relevant.

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Retro Fare: Jimmy's Kitchen

Retro Fare is a new column that puts an honest spotlight on Hong Kong's oldest restaurants. This week: Jimmy's Kitchen, writes Marisa Cannon.

old hong kong restaurant - Jimmy Kitchen

Those that have lived in Hong Kong for a reasonable amount of time know that expecting longevity from a restaurant is impossible.

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