Five Favourite: Fatty Crab's Steve Yook

Five Favourite, with Steve Yook, head chef at contemporary Asian favourite, Fatty Crab. 

Fatty Crab (65%) refuses to be defined: whether it's their Asian-infused dinner service, the American-tinged weekend brunches or the regular bar promotions, the restuarant has stood out as one of the most versatile spots in the city.

Much of the culinary inspiration is due to head chef Steve Yook, a tireless worker who mans the kitchen during nearly every hour of  service . Here, he gives us a Central-heavy list of places he goes to whenever he gets a rare hour off. 


Butchers Club Burger (76%)

Not only is the burger here hands down the best in Hong Kong, the crew behind Butchers Club is certifiably crazy. These guys know their meat, and every time I go I can’t wait to see what inspired insanity is on their secret menu.


Chachawan (80%)

I love spicy food and Chachawan gets it right! Really clean but deceptively complex flavors go great with their amazing cocktail menu.


Mimi 2Go

Eating the same family meal everyday gets old fast, but who has time to run out and eat a full meal? I love Mimi 2Go because they serve awesome homemade Korean food (and Mimi never hesitates to remind me of that fact). It reminds me of my mom’s cooking, and they are right next door to Fatty Crab.


Posto Pubblico (71%)

The first time I went to Posto, Chef Vinny invited the Fatty and Butcher’s Club crews over for an impromptu Sunday night industry dinner. The unforgettable meal included every pasta dish on the menu and a veal parmesan the size of the table. I’ve been back numerous times and I have never had a dish I didn’t love!


The Roundhouse Taproom (70%)

It’s impossibly difficult to find good barbeque outside of the southern United States, let alone Asia, but the guys at Roundhouse know their way around a smoker. The meat melts in your mouth, and I love washing it down with one of their craft beers.

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