Five Favourite: Kinsale's Chris Kerr

Five Favouite, featuring Chris Kerr, executive chef at Kennedy Town's Irish restaurant, Kinsale.

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When Kinsale (67%) was first announced a few months back, the dining scene was surprised: an Irish joint that isn't a pub? But the innovative K-Town restaurant has stood out for its Emerald Isle-tinged comfort food, overseen by veteran chef Chris Kerr.

Formerly the executive chef at the Eclipse Group, which counts Caramba (68%) and Grand Central (63%) among its names, Kerr brought that same group-friendly, cheap and cheerful enthusiasm to his new menu. Here, he offers a number of Hong Kong inspirations for it, from innovative South American joints to classic dim sum spots.


Chicha (68%)

Chicha is an amazing Peruvian restaurant that puts some modern twists on some very traditional South American dishes such as ceviches and soft tacos. Chef Arturo and his team serve up some of what I consider to be up there with the best food in the city. It's fresh, full of flavor. Their Pisco sour is off the chart, and no one else can touch it although they try.

chicha south american peruvian central hong kong pisco sour


Zuma (72%)

Nothing beats a boozy free-flow champagne Sunday brunch. My love of Japanese food gets me on this one. Spanish-born Oscar is a fantastic chef and an outstanding guy also. The food they turn out in such vast quantities at this level is impressive in anyone’s eyes. 

zuma central landmark hong kong japanese free-flow brunch champagne london



At this is a little hole in the wall on Queen's Road, there are no seats, take out-only, but the sushi is always amazingly fresh. Being close to my home, we eat from here about three times a week. Sushi is all about the rice and these guys have got it right - its very affordable and they have a huge menu.

hananoen japanese takeout sheung wan delivery takeaway sushi


Taco Chaca (66%)

Again one of my locals, so it hits the spot on a regular occasion. Serving a small menu of great Tex Mex, I always enjoy grabbing a quick burrito here. The staff are very friendly and you're able to get a Corona with your food, which makes it all the better. 

taco chaca sai ying pun mexican american tex-mex takeaway taqueria


Lin Heung Tea House (66%)

From what I know, this is one of the oldest in Hong Kong. I love going here for breakfast with my girl, as the dim sum is very good but also the atmosphere is amazing. From the gentlemen waiters who slosh neverending tea into your cups, to the little old ladies with the muscles of a strong man pushing dim sum carts, this really is a meal with a show. For me, an iconic memory of life in Hong Kong.

lin heung tea house dim sum old school central hong kong carts morning breakfast

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