Five Favourite: Magnolia's Lori Granito

Five Favourite Restaurants with Lori Granito, owner of the Go Gourmet Group.

lori granito magnolia go gourmet private kitchen

If a decade ago, you were to tell someone that a Southern restaurant would be the one to set the private kitchen trend, they would've thought you mad. But Magnolia (78%) broke down the barriers and has all but held up its position as the finest in the city.

Behind-the-scenes since the beginning has been clever entrepreneur Lori Granito, who's now expanded her empire with the Little Burro (57%) chain of Mexican spots, and the Go Gourmet group. Here, she gives us her five favourite places to go on a rare day off.


208: Duecento Otto (75%)

I love 208's lunch menu. It's great value and the ingredients are fresh with clean flavors. It's also my go to neighborhood drinks place in Sheung Wan. I love sitting in their front terrace area with a nice glass of wine.

208 duecento otto italian sheung wan hong kong


Wagyu (68%)

This is my family's favorite restaurant. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles, but the food is always consistently good and the service is great. One of the best breakfast/brunch menus around.

wagyu international central hong kong beef steak


Beef & Liberty (71%)

Damn good burgers all around. And I love their homemade lemonade!

beef liberty burgers wan chai hipster hong kong


Victoria City (62%)

One of my favorite places for dim sum. They have the best egg tarts in town. It's loud and noisy, but we love it and always bring out of town guests there.

victoria city old school dim sum chinese causeway bay hong kong

Little Burro (57%)

OK, this is one of our own places, but given that I eat here at least three to four times a week, I had to put it in. The best burritos in town. My favorite is kickass carnitas salad with boarracho beans and brown rice. 

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