Five Favourite: NOM's Fabrizio Napolitano

Five Favourite Restaurants with Fabrizio Napolitano of the soon-to-be-opened NOM on Elgin Street.

favourite dining spots in hk; fabrizio napolitano

Fabrizio Napolitano's departure from Goccia last year and its subsequent closure left a massive gap in our dining scene for convenient, decently priced and most importantly, delicious casual Italian food.

That's soon to be rectified, with his new restaurant NOM on Elgin Street (short for Not Only Meatballs). Napolitano is owner as well as chef this time round, meaning there will be no holds barred when it comes to his clever spins on traditional Italian cuisine. Until it opens, check out his five favourite restaurants.


Tung Po (72%)

Good friends and tourists must visit the Java Road Cooked Food Centre, this is exactly what Hong Kong is about: great fresh food, crazy busy all the time, people yelling, rude waiters and waitresses – I just love it!

tung po hong kong best cooked food market centre


Mak Man Kee Noodle (78%)

They only have couple of different noodles, but they are really to die for. The broth is so full of flavor, but not overpowering the dish, the noodles are handmade and the brisket so tender! Their kitchen is the size of my toilet and they probably serve 300 people a day – I admire them big time, they are truly the best noodles I’ve ever had in my life.

mak man kee best wonton hk


Ciak in the Kitchen (78%)

New Italian at the Landmark. Real food, casual enough, perfect for a date night or for a dinner with friends. Their products are really honest! Chef Valentino’s secret recipe for their homemade sausage is something I could kill for!

ciak affordable italian hong kong


27 Kebab House (73%)

The kebab shop on Cochrane Street opposite Marouche (69%). Not sure if it’s because I’ve always had it on a drunken night, but that kebab is really good! Over my nine years in HK, I’ve never seen that spot being as successful as it is now – there must be a reason!

best kebab late night hong kong 27 kebab


Cocotte (71%)

Excellent atmosphere, superb decor, food is well-presented and flavours are clean and interesting, I love the passion they run the place with: a fine dining experience at very reasonable prices!

cocotte hidden french restaurant fine dining hong kong

Can't wait for NOM to open? Click here for our entire list of over 100 rated-and-reviewed Italian restaurants!

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