Fresh Food: Feb 20

Fresh Food is a weekly column that scours the city in search of the latest Hong Kong dining news.

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Another week (sorta, we’re a little late), and another instalment of Fresh Food. We’ve got a lot on our metaphorical plate this time round – openings, events, celeb chefs – so let’s get right into it.

It’s freezing out, isn’t it? Reminds us of our oh-so-cold days in New York: the dirty snow-sludge, the wind tunnels on every gridded street. 

And then we heard the rumour that Maximal Concepts, the folks behind Blue Butcher (75%) and Brickhouse (69%), are planning a new restaurant called Mott 32 and it all came flooding back.

The restaurant is named after the street in New York's Chinatown and will be based on that infamous area. How well that will work considering, oh I don’t know, that we live in China – remains to be seen. But we’ll stay positive for now, mostly because we like their other joints.

Speaking of bizarre ideas, a new restaurant has taken over that supposedly cursed spot on the corner of Old Bailey Street and Caine Road, which we estimate has been occupied by half a dozen restaurants in as many years.

This one’s called Gweilo Bar and Grill – yes, really. It’s a gastropub, obviously (with a name like that, what else?): pastas, sandwiches, fish & chips, that sort of thing. Keep checking back for our eventual “Verdict” on the joint.

Out in Discovery Bay, a new Brazilian steakhouse has opened, with the tongue-twisting name of The Venue Brazil Churrascaria. The whole concept is nothing fancy – grilled meats and lots of bar snacks – but it’s the first one in the city. And considering we love Fogo Samba in Macau, we’ll definitely be making the trek out there to try this one. Maybe – it is DB, after all. 

Finally, a couple event highlights, something we don’t often do, but we couldn’t help ourselves with these: first, the city’s hottest private kitchen, The Butcher’s Club, will be hosting their second Steak Rebellion at The Space in Sheung Wan on March 1. A HK$1,500 ticket gets you a five-course menu, including oysters, cured meat, sausages and rib-eye steaks, along with a complimentary bottle of red wine.

And finally, over at The Principal (79%) in Wan Chai, chef Thomas Sellers of the celebrated Story Restaurant in London will be dropping in to work his kitchen magic for two nights, between March 12 and 13. Make those reservations now!

Mott Street, venue TBC.

Gweilo Bar & Grill, 26 Old Bailey Street, 2509 9971,

The Venue Brazil Churrascaria, G27, DB North Plaza, Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, 2777 8411

The Principal, 9 Star Street, Wan Chai, 2563 3444,

Butcher’s Club Steak Rebellion The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan,

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