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Fresh Food, with a secret stamp-shop restaurant, another Caribbean spot, Pearl on the Peak closing, and food for blood.

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The end of the year’s quickly creeping up on us, and the news never stops in Hong Kong’s dining scene. Let’s get right into it this week; here’s Fresh Food.

The big news among foodies this past week: a seemingly innocuous old-fashioned stamp store (above) has appeared on Pound Lane, but hidden within is a new restaurant. We’ve told you about Asian street food spot Mrs. Pound before, but it’s now officially open for business – if you can find out how to get in, that is.

Also in openings, is this the start of a new Caribbean trend? Rummin’ Tings (72%) might be getting more press, but Mandy was the first on the scene with her private kitchen. She’s now opened her first official restaurant, Mandy’s Caribbean, out in Sai Kung; expect the same delicious blend of jerk chicken, curries and the like.

Celebrity chef Jacky Yu has opened a new spot that falls somewhere between restaurant and private kitchen out in Wong Chuk Hang – Xi Yan Penthouse is very exclusive, and serves a high-end blend of east-meets-west cuisine. And another French bistro has cropped up, this time out in Happy Valley – Jules Bistro is on Yik Yam Street and does the whole wine/cheese/meat thing.

In closures, top-of-the-city favourite Pearl on the Peak has shut its doors, and has been quickly replaced by another Wildfire (50%) – crappy pizzas for tourists, anyone?

Chef news, Mandarin restaurant Pierre (82%) will be celebrating its 8th anniversary later this month, with a special eight-course dinner that’ll feature highlights from chef Gagnaire’s menus from throughout his career. It’s available from Nov 8 to 14, and is priced at HK$2,288, while individual dishes will be available at lunchtime.

And Tosca (67%) at the Ritz-Carlton is bringing in two renowned chefs for special dinners later this week, from Nov 6 to 8. First up, Taiwanese chef Lanshu Chef of Le Mout in Taipei; then, the youngest person to ever receive three Michelin stars, Swiss chef Andreas Caminada of Schloss Schauenstein in the Alps. Lunch and dinner menus range from $680 to $2,980 per person.

Finally, this might be going a bit far for a free meal, but  The Hong Kong Red Cross is offering two hotel buffet coupons to anyone that gives blood from Nov 1 to 30, alongside a free one-pound cake. We can’t find a list of hotels that are part of the programme, but don’t hold your breath for anything fancy.

Photo: Emma French

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