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Fresh Food, featuring a fancy Chinese restaurant, comfort food favourites, South American spots, and word on Mavericks. 

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The season’s quickly creeping up on us, and restaurants are gearing up for their busiest time of the year. But that hasn’t stopped a host of new spots opening up around town: we’ve got an incredible amount of news for you this week, so let’s get into Fresh Food.

First up, a new fancy Chinese restaurant has appeared on the quickly burgeoning On Lan Street: Lai Bun Fu (above) is overseen by the former Government House executive chef, Chung Kin Leung, a man who previously served such names as George Bush and Margaret Thatcher. The restaurant features a very high-end Chinese menu: think foie gras prawn cutlets, five-flavoured crispy chicken, that sort of thing.

Not far from it is Crafty Cow, a gastropub up on Upper Station Street in Sheung Wan – they’re pushing fusion variations on classic British food, and are currently soft-opened through the end of the month, with diners getting 25% off their bill.

Just down the road, Fresh Modern Kitchen has popped up on Peel Street, an East-meets-West restaurant that focuses on such simple comfort foods as steaks and pork chops. And also Central, Kobab & Koshi is a new Korean fast-food spot in Lan Kwai Fong, focusing on such hangover food as burgers, burritos and chili cheese fries.

Opening later this week, the Butchers Club will be launching two places in Central: Steak Frites, their Parisian-styled joint on Staunton, and a second Butchers Club Burger (76%) on Wellington. And Drawing Room Concepts, the folks behind AMMO (78%) and Vasco (80%), are launching Hawker 18 out in Kwun Tong, a new Singaporean-styled restaurant.

We’ve also got a couple new South American restaurants still cashing in on the beaten-horse trend: Caliente is a new Mexican-heavy spot on Knutsford Terrace. And out in Sai Kung is S2 Waterfront, a restaurant that mixes South American flavours with Caribbean tastes – after Rummin Tings (76%) and Mandy’s (73%), we’re predicting it’s the next big thing for 2015.

Speaking of the new year, Black Sheep, the group, behind La Vache (76%) and Chom Chom (71%)will be getting in the burger business early next year with Burger Circus, a concept that first debuted at Clockenflap. And the Street Meat (57%) peeps are getting into booze, with the Highline Bar set to open over the next few months, a collaboration alongside perfume label Penhaligon.

Finally, last week we told you about the unfortunate fire at Mavericks, arguably the coolest beach bar in town. We contacted them directly and hear word that they’re already rebuilding and expect to re-open early next year. We can’t wait!

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