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Fresh Food, with a new Maximal Concepts restaurant, cicchetti and pancake openings, and chef Tom Aikens in Hong Kong. 

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It’s getting to that time of year, when the sun’s gloriously everywhere, but the humidity makes the city unbearable. The perfect time, you say, to stay within air-conditions confines? Good thing a bunch of new restaurants are heading our way, so let’s get going on this week’s Fresh Food.

Another month, another new spot from Maximal Concepts. After going from strength to strength with Fish & Meat (74%), then Stockton (71%), then Mott 32 (76%), we hear rumours they’re planning a new venture for June. All we know is that the concept is ‘casual’ (although they often stretch the limitations with that term) and there's no news on the cuisine yet, but keep checking back for more info.

Caine Road is starting to pick up as a great new dining district: there’s a Maison Eric Kayser (63%), the cool IPC++ Foodlab (73%), as well as Hong Kong’s “most unusual restaurant” (we’ll be listing it soon, don’t worry). You can now add Sepa to that list, a new Venetian spot opening next month that’ll be serving up the city’s famed selection of cicchetti (Italian-style tapas).

And continuing the Sai Ying Pun renaissance, the people behind hidden-above-Soho café Common Ground (75%) are opening their second venture in June, this time on Third Street: Stack is exactly what Hong Kong needs (or at least, I think so), a pancake house! It's surely be better than that pretty poor Cosmos House Pancakes (50%).

Here’s a rumour that was running around Twitter, but finally got confirmed, courtesy of blogger Fungry and Fabulous’ review: Chef Mori of Sushi Mori (75%) has left his two namesake restaurants in Causeway Bay – to open yet another spot with his name in it. Sushi Mori Tomoaki is located in Fortress Hill, and you really shouldn’t get it confused with completely unrelated Mori Sushi (77%) in Central.

In chef news: after closing down his London restaurant in January, British Michelin-star chef Tom Aikens (above) seems to be moving shop to Hong Kong, albeit temporarily. First we told you he's spearheading the redesign of The Pawn (72%). And now comes word he'll drop by The Principal (79%) for two nights, from June 26 to 27. Details are scarce on pricing and menus, so keep checking back.

Finally, after getting cancelled due to poor weather a couple weeks ago, the Harbour Artisanal is set to take place next weekend, June 7-8, on Fire Dragon Path in Tai Hang. Expect all their great fast-food vendors, such as Mr. Bing (73%), La Rotisserie (73%) and Stone’s (65%).

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