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New Year, New Food: 8 Uniquely Hong Kong Dining Experiences to try in 2015

Get out of your comfort zone this new year, with these eight uniquely Hong Kong dining experiences to try in 2015. 

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Admit it: you’ve already failed on your New Year’s resolution. But here’s one you can definitely follow through on: new dining experiences. Ditch that boring old spot you go to every week and get out of your comfort zone. Here, we round up eight of the most uniquely Hong Kong experiences in town, from dai pai dongs and floating restaurants, to cooked food centres and retro favourites.

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Five Favourite: Il Milione's Antonio Varriano

Five Favourite Restaurants with Antonio Varriano, culinary director at Michelin-starred Italian restaurant, Il Milione.

antonio varriano head chef il milione michelin italian

As the culinary director of Michelin-starred Il Milione (78%), chef Antonio Varriano faces endless competition when it comes to his innovative takes on Italy cuisine. But he finds inspiration everywhere: first, in his home region of Molise in southern Italy, where Varriano honed his culinary skills. 

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