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Christmas Skimping: 7 Happy Hour Snack Deals to Get You through the Holidays

Round-Up: save big this Christmas season, with seven of the city's best happy hour snack deals.

christmas money snacks happy hour save money free food cheap drinks

Christmas is just round the corner and you’re broke: all those present commitments and social obligations have tapped you out. But there’s still days left and plenty of seasonal events – $100 cocktails and overpriced snacks are far from the yuletide spirit. Worry not, we’ve rounded up the best snack deals around town: discount bites that’ll keep your friends happy and your wallet healthy. Eat, drink and be merry with the comforting knowledge that you still have taxi fare.

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(Br)unch of the Week: Fatty Crab

Lunch of the Week is a regular column highlighting the best daytime deals around Hong Kong. This week, an Easter special: Fatty Crab's Brunch.

lunch deal - fatty crab

Easter is fast approaching, and with the holidays soon upon us, you’re not thinking about this week’s work slog, endless client meetings or even possible lunch choices. You’re thinking about the long weekend. You’re thinking about brunch.

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