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Fresh Food: The Latest Hong Kong Dining News

Fresh Food, featuring yet another Mexican spot, two Japanese-influence restaurants, a pop-up series of dinners, and free Saturday sandwiches. 

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We’ve been a bit slack with updates here at FoodCourt, a combination of pushing forward on our new redesigned site and a general lack of news around town. But we’re back with a bang this week and have plenty to tell you about. Let’s get going on this week’s Fresh Food.

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Five Favourite: Grassroots Pantry's Peggy Chan

Five Favourite, featuring chef Peggy Chan of veggie favourites Grassroots Pantry and Prune Organic Deli. 

In a city where meat and rice are all but staples of a regular diet, someone like chef Peggy Chan is a godsend. Her two restaurants, Grassroots Pantry (75%) and Prune Organic Deli (77%) might be strictly vegetarian, but they rarely sacrifice on flavours

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The New Old School: 6 Recent Restaurants that Embrace the Past

Round-Up, featuring six recent restaurants that fully evoke a particular time and place. 

old school new restaurants classic vintage retro burger circus central american

Everything old is new again, they say every couple years, but it seems like most restaurants these days bills themselves as having a ‘retro aesthetic’. A table here or a poster there is far from being faithful, and the ones that truly embrace the past often go unheralded. Here, we round up six recent restaurants that completely take on trends of yesteryear, from obsessive design details to dishes that you’d only find in vintage cookbooks.

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Fresh Food: The Latest Hong Kong Dining News

Fresh Food, with a new Barcelona concept, a Michelin Japanese restaurant, plenty of Central news, and a couple Causeway spots.

la paloma sai ying pun spanish tapas new hipster affordable fofo el willy

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and whether you’re holidaying abroad or spending it with family, it means plenty of eating. We’ve got you covered with fresh places to dine, with a fully loaded edition of Fresh Food this week. Let’s get into it.

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Fresh Food: The Latest Hong Kong Dining News

Fresh Food, featuring Hopewell returning to buffets, a three-floor pizza spot and plenty of Japanese openings. 

hopewell centre wan chai grand buffet revolving restaurant tourist selection

We’re already a month into the New Year, and Hong Kong’s dining scene keeps chugging along. We heard news late last week that Hooters would be opening its slightly sexist chain in Hong Kong later this year, and while we don’t normally condone that kind of stuff, at least it’s a change of pace from hipster fare. That said, let’s get into this week’s Fresh Food.

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