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Open Late: 6 Late-Night Dining Restaurants

Round-Up, featuring 6 restaurants that are famed for late-night eats, writes Richard Ames.

open late hong kong late night dining after midnight

Snacking after midnight isn’t hard in Hong Kong, with the endless number of McDonald’s and Tsui Wah’s. But sometimes that drunken urge craves something more. Here, we stray away from the standard overpriced breakfasts (ahem, Flying Pan (59%)) and terrible pizzas (looking at you, Paisanos (68%)), for a focus on finer late-night fare. All of it's Asian – because really, after a certain hour is when their true flavours come out.

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Fresh Food: The Latest Hong Kong Dining News

Fresh Food, featuring new street-food spots, a retro-styled Thai joint, and a couple bar/restaurants. 

oldish retro thai restaurant bar sheung wan tung street

It’s a sad time for Hong Kong, as police today swooped in our Occupy protestors and removed all barriers. Hong Kong’s political situation is currently up in the air, and while we’d like to offer radio silence in support, our fellow dining compatriots keep chugging along. With that, here’s an opening-heavy Fresh Food this week.

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Five Favourite: Maureen Loh

Five Favourite Restaurants with Maureen Loh, chef/owner at Maureen in Wan Chai. 

maureen loh maureen restaurant hong kong blue house

A shining example to all independent chefs in Hong Kong, for over two decades now, Maureen Loh has run successful, privately-owned restaurants around town. First with two traditional Chinese spots in Central, Soup Cafe and Chinese Spoon, and now Maureen (79%), her namesake restaurant near the Blue House in Wan Chai.

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Lunch of the Week: Da Ping Huo

Lunch of the Week, featuring a five-course Sichuan daytime meal for $100. This week: Da Ping Huo.

hong kong lunch restaurant da ping huo

Considering our close proximity to its province and our city’s general love for all things spicy, it’s no real surprise that Hong Kong is packed to the rafters with Sichuan restaurants. Some like San Xi Lou (80%), aim strictly for authenticity. Others such as Red Pepper (74%), appeal mostly to tourists.

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